Thursday, September 10, 2009

My brochure

So today, my friend Keith told me that he was researching brochure designs and he recognized one of the pieces as one of mine. As a relative newcomer to the design world, it was a shock to see my design being showcased to help inspire others. Check out the posting by clicking here. My design is the green brochure (used as the thumbnail on the main page too!)
In design-pedia's words:
I’ve always been a big fan of brochure design because I think its one of the hardest mediums to design for. Brochures are often relatively small in size and packed with lots of information. This makes it very hard for a designer because you need to make the brochure eye-catching and easy to read, but still work in all the important information. Hopefully this brochure design inspiration post will help you when you are stuck on a challenging brochure project.
You can see my entire project (shameless portfolio plug here) by clicking here.