Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do it Yourself: Mario Coin Box

Here's something I whipped up for fun this week, a little Mario Coin Box Piggybank.

Click HERE to download the PDF.

Basically you just need to cut around the colors, and the dotted lines are places you will want to fold down. The orange lines on the right side are where you should cut from right to left until the first question mark box (that's to preserve the color bleed.)

If you actually want to use it as a piggy bank, consider printing on heavier stock, and actually cutting the hole out in the top to put your coins in.

Until next time,


  1. very nice
    i was looking for this to put in my bedroom
    and it's very cool

  2. Hi! I tried to download the pdf file for this and it's no longer found/active. I'd love to print these out for my son's birthday party! It's a few weeks away. Can you provide another link for downloading? It would be greatly appreciated!!!!!