Monday, August 10, 2009

Today on the Interwebs: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY

Happy Birthday to the writer of Today on the Interwebs aka TOTI.

Carol taught me how to use InDesign when we had to design newsletters for work. (Turns out we could just use ms word and still not get fired) Anyway, I always liked the idea of celebrating the eve of blogs while at the same time celebrating the end of print and TOTI gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. We live in a world where by the time we watch the evening news, we've already read all the details online - with websites like TOTI we don't even have to surf the internet anymore, for Carol has read the entire internets, and she's kindly agreed to share whatever is new on the interwebs daily. It is one of the few blogs you can follow and count on finding something new and/or interesting and/or old but/still interesting . TOTI is most consistent blog out there. Impressive. In conclusion, TOTI is a website of contrast.

All the articles/copy taken from TOTI, except for "A Lesson on Placeholders" "What should I get from In N Out?" and "Secret Comic: REVEALED"

If you want to read the articles, download the PDF here.



  1. I'm so touched. THANKS JUSTIN!!!

  2. Carol forced...I mean taught me to use InDesign too...many long Tuesday evenings fidgeting with layouts :)